Manukul invites all the students ( Age group 12-25 yrs) in this innovational, exciting workshop especially designed for School/College students to making them profitable, successful & Significant. Come and learn with fun, music & dance with MANUKUL. This 2 days will become the best learning days of your life. Have you ever seen a dancing motivational class? This will change your thinking, feeling and doing patterns.

Topics to be covered in 2 days

  • How to change the existing PERCEPTION and why?
  • How to know “who are you”? – Setting your dreams by identifying IQ/EQ/SQ.
  • How to identity your strengths and create your own unique identity?
  • What are the 7 steps needed to realize your fixed dream?
  • What is the new formulae of SUCCESS in today’s internet age?
  • How to communicate with clarity and confidence includes body language?
  • How to built lasting relationship based on integrity and get support?
  • How to develop “yes I can” attitude?
  • How to integrate Mind+ Body+ Energy to optimize the performance?
  • How to utilize the speed of the mind for dreams realization?
  • How to convert the life energy (DHEA) into Ojas.
  • Separate counseling and Q/A session for boys & girls.

Benefits  of workshop

Manukul’s“ I LUV MYSELF” innovative workshop is first time in India module. Now a days this module is essential for the age group of 12-25. Each students should attend Manukul’s “ I LUV MYSELF” workshop.   

  • Academic growth increases by 10 to 12% in students. Memorizing power boost up because they know subject wise effective learning time.
  • Found drastic change in perception they carry since long years. Now they are not cheated by their eyes. Now they know themselves.
  • We create new identity of every student.
  • Now they are not busy in I LUV YOU factor, busy in loving themselves.  
  • Students are more confident and become real performer.
  • In hostel Sr. and Jr. Conflict is finished and good atmosphere is built.   
  • Negativity like Suicidal attempts are predominant in this age group, after this workshop this will be solved.
  • Students will be more disciplined and responsible after this workshop. Laziness /Lie ness and lousiness problem will be solved.
  • They will know how to use Facebook, whats app and other gadgets  for their benefits  after this workshop.
  • Detached with false friends, roaming and gossiping.
  • More respectable towards the teachers, parents and elders.
  • Now they are understanding their creative energy and guiding this in constructive direction for realization of dreams.

In nutshell we can say Manukul’s 2 days “ I LUV MYSELF” innovative workshop is the complete package of motivation, counseling and psychoanalysis to make a true student and profit generating centre for family, friends, school and society.

Target Customers:  Students above age of 12yrs-upto 25 yrs only. It’s a must workshop for the students who are appearing for competitive exams.
(Book Now this workshop at your School/College and feel the change. The details about fee structure for school workshop please talk)


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MANUKUL is India's # 1 Motivational Speaker, Certified Students Counselor from University of California, Certified Career Counselor, Author, DMIT Expert, Educational Consultant & ..

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  • Do you know Papa? A smart parenting workshop has changed our way of thinking towards our children. We were always controlling them and getting frustrated & failure. Mnukul’s 2 days workshop connected our children and brought happiness & success. Now, I know my children better.

    Ritu Sood, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh
  • "I See Myself” family workshop is a very innovational way to bring the family on road to happiness and bring harmony. My son was distracted and I was very upset. He was scoring poorly in his X th exam and losing interest in his studies. Always busy with whats App & facebook. Manukul’s 2 days interactive session and follow up bring my son on track. "

    Kiran & Dinesh Choudhary, C – block, Vikaspuri, New Delhi.
  • Why don’t you become you? Is an mzing book. Must red book for every one who wants to become successfully by exploring true self.

    Mr. Akhilesh Katyain, State Head, Mahindra & Mahindra, Raipur
  • Mr. Manukul mesmerize all the students/teachers and parents through his effective speech. His words penetrates our students/teacher and parents. I am sure that this workshop will bring drastic change in my students. Teacher’s productivity will increase and each parents will become true parent.

    Mr. S.N Sahu, Principal, Podar International, Satara, Maharstra
  • It is true to say that positive constructive changes in the perception and behavior of students are clearly seen as they have maintained discipline, courtesy and etiquettes in hostels, dining hall, playground etc. both the students and the staff have appreciated Mr. Manukul’s motivational session and their activities.

    Principal, Jawahar Navodaya Vid, Azamgarh, UP
  • Mr. Manukul’s 2 days workshop was very effective. His speech/lecture has been praiseworthy by students/parents & teachers.

    Principal DAV, SIWAN
  • Attending your session has an immensely wonderful experience. I am sure, whosoever undergoes your training program will be highly benefitted.

    Mr. Sanjay Prasad, Editor Dainik Bhasker
  • We are very proud to say that Mr. Manukul came to my school and successfully trained our children. His program was very charming and motivating. It encouraged our children and all the teachers.

    Principal,R.P Patel Sr. Sec Govt. School. Jugsalai, Jamshedpur
  • I Luv Myself workshop by Mr. Manukul make students conscious about their potentials and make them aware what they can do. It’s a life changing workshop for students, teachers and parents. We feel that such kind of Psychological motivational workshop is essential for students of the age between 12-25.

    Dr. Jayant V. Kulkarni, Regional Director, DAV Public School, Bihar Zone
  • "I Luv Myself workshop has been a lively, enriching and transforming experience for all the students, parents & teachers to realize their true potential in true sense. Many congratulations to Mr. Manukul for his fantastic interactive workshop."

    Principal Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Bhopal