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An interview with Manukul; A world class Motivational Speaker & Success Coach

  • How did you get started in this field? What made you take up motivational speaking?

I began my speaking career about seven years ago. To be honest, I started speaking when all the roads to life closed for me. On 7th June’05, my life collapsed around me. I had never thought of humiliation, pain, criticism, financial setbacks, heartache this day would bring. I lost everything my prestige, my self image, my finances, my relationships, my friends, my beloved mother and once I thought to end my life. My pharma company was raided by police  with a magistrate on false allegations that I was manufacturing spurious drugs and next morning everything was finished. All news papers were full of absurd and baseless news against me and my company. The most surprising thing was that I was not manufacturing any drug or medicine at all. I was simply manufacturing health supplement only and which was not medicines but food products and I was having proper govt. licenses for this. Later, everything was proved false in the court of law. All allegations were malafied. But, I lost around 5 crore in this process. There was a time when I didn’t have even a single rupee in my pocket and I walked around 15 kms from the civil court to my house on foot; I was unable to take even a rickshaw. I became bankrupt without any fault of mine.

The biggest challenge for me was my life and livelihood. Little did I know at that time, out of my greatest despair was to come the greatest gift which was within me.

I came to New Delhi in search of new life. I had to live for my family, for my near and dears who always believed in me. I struggled in Delhi for 30 days very hard and finally got a job as CEO in a cosmetic company with a handsome salary. But, I could continue with the job as I was not enjoying it. I resigned from job and again became unemployed.

I did not know exactly what to do at that time. I started searching ME. I asked many questions to ME and I got who I am. When I was in std 6, my mother had told me that I was a very good orator and speaker; I started speaking what I learned from my life. This is how I came in this man making speaking career and this became possible only as I enquired within and kept on motivating myself.

After 7 years as motivational speaker, I can say with sincerity that I have got MYSELF by loving MYSELF and I learned one big lesson that adversities are opportunities in life. Without loving yourself, motivating yourself, seeing yourself, knowing yourself, you can’t live, love and motivate self and others.

  • What is the secret of being a good motivational speaker?

If you had studied History you would know that the words moved people. Words brought changes, words generated revolutions, words starts wars, words won freedom. I have experienced the power of spoken words from the time I began reading autobiographies of greats and successful heroes. I started self talking to myself and my self talk motivated me to write books and create my motivational programs.

So  far as I know, secret of being a good motivational speaker starts with words and body languages, goes through self and others life experiences, passes through today’s situations, circumstances and events around you and leads towards future with a commitment to change self and others and bring success and significance in the life of self and others.

  • What is difference between a good speaker and ordinary one?

Great speakers are transforming agents; they are man makers and people builders. Great speakers live in the heart and mind of the audience. They are passionate about speaking. Their words and actions full of energy mesmerize the audience and live the foot prints in mind and heart of the audience.

  • What is the kind of audience that you deal with on regular basis?

Most of my speaking assignments and workshops come from schools/colleges, business schools , corporate sectors; I conduct open workshops for students, teachers, parents and professionals to make them profitable, successful and significant. 

Recently I started very innovational workshop for family to bring coordination, harmony and happiness in family; because today in this smart phone, facebook age every family is disturbed. Family and its members are running with identity crises and it has been created by mobile, internet and television. I am getting overwhelming response for my family workshop throughout country.

  • How often you travel for your workshops and where all do you conduct them? What exactly do you do in workshops?

6th SENS, the company I have founded organizes open workshops and in-house training sessions at various locations in India and abroad in Hindi/English. I conduct more than 60 workshops in a year. All the details about workshops are available on my web site and we use to advertise regarding it. Traveling is frequent.

I take family workshops on weekends by prior appointment only.

I prefer open workshops because it gives freedom for participants and I follow up all my participants for one year for long lasting results in performance.

  • How do you manage language barrier in your workshops?

In last seven years, I realized that Hindi as a language works the best when I am working as a motivational speaker for audiences as during Dealers meet, parents, teachers and school/college students. As a motivational speaker in India I realized that customizing the events and talks in a language which the audience understands better is critical to the impact of the event. People in India have emotional connect with Hindi and makes the impact all the more easy in a Hindi speaking country as ours.

English is a very good connecting language. I take some extra time to adjust to the customization needs of customers in non Hindi speaking areas.


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MANUKUL is India's # 1 Motivational Speaker, Certified Students Counselor from University of California, Certified Career Counselor, Author, DMIT Expert, Educational Consultant & ..

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  • Do you know Papa? A smart parenting workshop has changed our way of thinking towards our children. We were always controlling them and getting frustrated & failure. Mnukul’s 2 days workshop connected our children and brought happiness & success. Now, I know my children better.

    Ritu Sood, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh
  • "I See Myself” family workshop is a very innovational way to bring the family on road to happiness and bring harmony. My son was distracted and I was very upset. He was scoring poorly in his X th exam and losing interest in his studies. Always busy with whats App & facebook. Manukul’s 2 days interactive session and follow up bring my son on track. "

    Kiran & Dinesh Choudhary, C – block, Vikaspuri, New Delhi.
  • Why don’t you become you? Is an mzing book. Must red book for every one who wants to become successfully by exploring true self.

    Mr. Akhilesh Katyain, State Head, Mahindra & Mahindra, Raipur
  • Mr. Manukul mesmerize all the students/teachers and parents through his effective speech. His words penetrates our students/teacher and parents. I am sure that this workshop will bring drastic change in my students. Teacher’s productivity will increase and each parents will become true parent.

    Mr. S.N Sahu, Principal, Podar International, Satara, Maharstra
  • It is true to say that positive constructive changes in the perception and behavior of students are clearly seen as they have maintained discipline, courtesy and etiquettes in hostels, dining hall, playground etc. both the students and the staff have appreciated Mr. Manukul’s motivational session and their activities.

    Principal, Jawahar Navodaya Vid, Azamgarh, UP
  • Mr. Manukul’s 2 days workshop was very effective. His speech/lecture has been praiseworthy by students/parents & teachers.

    Principal DAV, SIWAN
  • Attending your session has an immensely wonderful experience. I am sure, whosoever undergoes your training program will be highly benefitted.

    Mr. Sanjay Prasad, Editor Dainik Bhasker
  • We are very proud to say that Mr. Manukul came to my school and successfully trained our children. His program was very charming and motivating. It encouraged our children and all the teachers.

    Principal,R.P Patel Sr. Sec Govt. School. Jugsalai, Jamshedpur
  • I Luv Myself workshop by Mr. Manukul make students conscious about their potentials and make them aware what they can do. It’s a life changing workshop for students, teachers and parents. We feel that such kind of Psychological motivational workshop is essential for students of the age between 12-25.

    Dr. Jayant V. Kulkarni, Regional Director, DAV Public School, Bihar Zone
  • "I Luv Myself workshop has been a lively, enriching and transforming experience for all the students, parents & teachers to realize their true potential in true sense. Many congratulations to Mr. Manukul for his fantastic interactive workshop."

    Principal Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Bhopal